Liberty Animal Shelter: County Inspection Records Investigation

Is the animal shelter that is now in charge of Fresno County not vaccinating dogs, or killing them before they can be adopted?

That is exactly what some people say Liberty Animal Control is doing, and they are using social media sites like, facebook to spread that message.

A search of internet sites like facebook's - Liberty Animal Shelter in Fresno Exposed has people writing about outbreaks of distemper, parvo, and claiming vaccinations are being withheld to save money.

Liberty Animal Control President Daniel Bailey says the operation he is running is an open book and he has nothing to hide.

Bailey says, "Where every animals are picked up, it's all documented. We carry 3 copies. One gets put on the cage, the other inside this file and goes for record keeping, I have nothing to hide."

KMPH Fox 26 News Reporter Erik Rosales contacted the administrator listed on a facebook page criticizing the shelter.

Becky Holly says her friends asked her to be the administrator, however she says, "The page is there for people to share their complaints, talk about issues, how it can be done better, and to start a dialogue with board of supervisors."

So Rosales looked into the claims.

Fresno County inspection records tell a different story, that the shelter right now is not breaking any rules or regulations.

Even Supervisor Henry Perea says he feels the organization is doing a good job.

Perea says, "I think some of those folks in the rescue business and citizens think we can do better. I think we could do better! But I think in this particular circumstance, they are looking at issues from 6 or 7 months ago, that have been corrected. They want to keep talking about it and at some point I don't think that's productive."

Holly says, "If it is going better, I'm pleased. I want to see it continue."

But adds people who wrote those claims were out there during the summer months.

Perea says, "At least twice a week Inspectors go out. So, that site does get a high level scrutiny. Is it perfect? No. Is it better than what was happening at the SPCA? Absolutely."

Rosales' investigation found from October 1st through December 30th, 2013, Liberty handled around 1,100. Animal control officers investigated 61 animal bites. Officers found the owner for 58 lost animals, and released 78 animals to rescue organizations. However, 767 animals were euthanized, but that does include sick, dangerous, and unadoptable animals.

By the way, Fresno County supervisors did approve in last year's budget to spend an estimated two-million dollars to build an animal shelter at the site of the old county morgue.

Right now, Liberty is using the building only to house supplies.

By the way, a new program Liberty has started is, any animal licensed or tagged found on the streets will not be brought back to the shelter.

The found pet will be brought back to the registered owner's home, free of charge.