Let's Celebrate In The Workplace

By Louise Bauer Davoli

Workplaces frequently experience a lack of morale, due in part because we rarely take time to celebrate. Celebrations in the workplace provide a chance to acknowledge milestones, share successes and enhance productivity.

Receiving appreciation and recognition for achievements is one of the most fundamental human needs. Rather than making people complacent, acknowledgement reinforces their accomplishments, helping ensure there will be more of them. Recognition of contributions, both large and small, are noticed and documented.

The acknowledgement can range from a pat on the back; saying thanks, great job on that report; to a flower on the desk with a thank you note; or some schedule flexibility to paid time off. However, one caveat to all of this is that the recognition and acknowledgement needs to be sincere, sensitively done, and supported by fair and competitive pay, and not considered a substitute for it.

Frequently we overvalue disappointments and undervalue gains and victories. Celebrations connect deeply to our individual psyches. When organizational culture supports developing an environment that encourages identity, quality, value, and meaning for each of us we feel valued and appreciated which leads to excellence. Each factor is an essential element of a successful organization. In celebrating accomplishment, organizations and companies are taking care to encourage and nurture individuals and groups.

What if your company or organization doesn't bother with acknowledging work related accomplishment? Then it is your responsibility to yourself and those around you to step up to the plate and CELEBRATE!

It frequently seems as if we are too busy doing "stuff" to stop and celebrate when we have managed to hit a benchmark for ourselves whether it is a personal or professional accomplishment. Small celebrations throughout life can add that dash of excitement and novelty that keeps us excited and engaged in our lives. For example, a reason for a small celebration may involve a relationship. It could include a personal accomplishment, or simply a pat on the back for keeping a commitment you make with yourself. These moments of recognition strengthen our self of self, keep us humble, and give us the opportunity to bask in the glow of own ability to acknowledge and receive recognition. In effect, it allows us to open and be ready to cause even more good stuff and success into our lives.

Steps For Recognition And Celebration

-- Examine your current practices

-- Self-acknowledgement

-- Take a proactive approach

-- Decide what the "event" looks like

Whether celebrating at work or in your personal life, acknowledging accomplishments provides support for yourself and staff in the midst of creating change. Celebrating quick wins, giving yourself or staff a morale boost while the ultimate goal still seems far off and overwhelming. Motivate yourself and others through celebrating the accomplishments that reinforce key values, those values could be organizational or personal values. And finally, all of these efforts around recognition bring deeper meaning to our work and our lives.