Lemoore Girls Suffer Severe Burns And Limes Are To Blame

Five Lemoore girls suffered severe burns because of a popular fruit. Their parents say lime juice combined with playing in the sun gave the girls 2nd degree burns on their arms, hands and legs.

The girls were having a pool party when they decided to have a pretend lemonade stand and started playing with limes.

"They were just pulling them off the tree," says parent Stephanie Ellwanger, "I didn't think anything of it."

However, playing with limes led to burns so severe, they started to bubble and the girls fingers swelled up. The girls spent days in the ICU, on morphine to help them deal with the pain.

Parents and doctors finally figured out that what caused the burns were the limes. Doctors say lime juice acts a magnifying glass for the sun and makes skin extremely sensitive to sun light.

The girls are recovering, but they can't be in the sun for 6-months to a year. Since the girls' burns are so severe, doctors are not sure how long it will take to heal. They also don't know what type of scars they'll have.