Left In The Dark: No Money To Repair South Fresno Lights

Those living on Fresno's south side are sick and tired of being left in the dark, copper wire thieves or not they want the city to fix the streetlights.

So what is keeping the city of Fresno? A lack of money.

The city needs about $1.5 million to make all the repairs.

City officials say all they can concentrate on is preventative maintenance and make repairs when they can.

Some of the lights on the city's fix-it list have been out for upward of a year, mainly due to copper wire thieves.

Richard Aguilar, who lives in south Fresno, said that the lights are necessary for safety.

"Just because there is not a lot of major income on this side of town there are still people," he said. "We want to be able to walk around at nighttime just like everybody on the north end of town does."

Copper wore thefts, in recent weeks, have decreased as city workers began cementing the electrical covers in place.