Le Grand High School Hands Out iPads to Students

Le Grand - The first day back at school was an historic one at a North Valley high school.

Nearly half of the students at Le Grand High School received brand new, shiny iPads for free.

They're worth about $500 each and students get to keep it until they graduate.

It opens up a whole new world for many kids in the community, where the average annual salary is about $24,000.

"We wanted to prepare our kids for 21st century working skills. The biggest motivation behind this was so that our kids would have a fair advantage when they go out into the work world," said Le Grand Unified School District Superintendent, Donna Alley.

Thanks to grant money, the school was able to afford 300 iPads and covers.

Their goal is to transition to paperless education, a welcome change for some kids who say writing can get painful.

"Now you can just type and take faster notes. Back then you had to take your time to finish writing. I got that tiny bump from writing too much," said Jose Gonzalez, a freshman.

It's not just students who are going to be using the iPads. Teachers will be using them too, and they say it's going to "flip" the way they teach.

"Flip teaching involves putting the lecture as homework that's why it's called flip, because what you usually do in class, they're actually doing at home. So they're using the iPad to access my videos," said Maria Gonzalez, who teaches English.

That way classroom time is devoted to helping kids with specific questions and one-on-one teaching.

The school plans to give iPads to all incoming freshmen over the next few years, so eventually, every student at Le Grand High School will be equipped with the gadget.