Korean War Era Veteran From Fresno Is Honored 61 Years Later

The Korean War is referred to as "The Forgotten War" and a Fresno man that served in the Army during the War says the government forgot to reward him with medals he earned. However, sixty one years later he finally has his medals.

"It brings back a lot of memories," says Korean War Era Veteran Sonny Faoro, "I think of the guys I was stationed with in the Army and I think it was my duty to serve."

Sonny Faoro says he remembers being drafted into the Army in 1951 like it was yesterday.

"I was proud to be an American and to serve my country. If they needed me I would have gone right back in as soon as I got out," adds Faoro.

He recorded his experiences with his camera and captured images of that forgotten time that few Americans have ever seen.

In his photo albums there are snapshots of life during war and times with Army buddies. The eighty four year-old even saved perfectly preserved mementos from some of his pictures.

"This is a mug that I used at a party," adds the Veteran, "My Company shot down more aircraft than the other companies in the battalion, so they gave us a party and this is the mug that I used to drink my beer."

However, something Faoro was never able to add to his uniform was his medals.

"I had never thought about it because I had other things on my mind. Now that I'm retired I started thinking about the past and I figured I should get them," says the Eight Four Year-Old.

Faoro applied for the medals and a year later two medals honoring his service arrived.

"This is something that I deserved," he says, "This tells me where I've been and it's part of my life."

The eight four year-old says he's still waiting for one more medal to arrive.

He says he found out that the decades long delay was because the place where the military kept records for veterans from the Korean War era burned down. If he wouldn't have applied for the medals the Army would have never honored him.