Kopi Takes The Ice Water Challenge


A viewer called out Great Day on Facebook over the weekend as part of the "Ice Water Challenge."

What happens is you call out a few of your friends to either get ice cold water dumped on them - or pony up some cash to a charity.

TJ Buttle challenged Great Day to take the ice water challenge or donate $100 to team "Fight Like a Girl" for Hanford's Relay for Life.

To be clear - this is the only challenge Great Day is accepting!

We decided to take the challenge and Kopi volunteered to let us dump ice water on the air and we are also donating the $100 to the relay team.

Kopi did his part and also passed the challenge on to co-anchors Kim Stephens and Justin Willis.

They now have 24 hours to take the ice water challenge or pay $50 to the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Let the games begin.