KMPH Viewers Open Their Hearts And Wallets To Help A Clovis Vet

Thanks to{}generous KMPH viewers{}a Clovis Veteran and his family are just days away from returning to a fully re-modeled home.

Justin Bond's phone has been blowing up since our story Wednesday night on the KMPH Ten O'clock news. {} He received more than 100 phone calls and dozens of e-mails from people who wanted to help a veteran. "We probably have $55-60,000 dollars worth of stuff donated on this project to make this house livable again and it's all done here in the community."

Bond's group is helping a combat buddy get his house back in order.{} A leaky roof is responsible for thousands of dollars damage to the ceiling and walls while the Army Sgt. was at war in Iraq.

Jason Day stepped up to volunteer.{} "He'll make you a carpenter, a dry wall guy, a carpet guy. {} So just whatever needs to be done."

Mike Smith dropped by to hand over a hundred dollar bill he won at a local casino.{} "I figured you could put it to good use."

In the past 24 hours there has been an outpouring of generosity.{} Local builders have donated gallons and gallons of paint, new tile and carpeting to cover the floors, and rolls of insulation for the ceiling.

The list of needs has been trimmed to two final items. {} They want{}to replace the single pane windows and the cabinets most likely built back in the 70's.

Justin Bond has also fielded calls from a small army of volunteers to help with the project.{} He has to get moving because the Veteran's family is staying in a Clovis motel and their room is only paid for through next Tuesday.{}