Kingsburg Kids Jump For Joy At Toy Giveaway

Kids in Kingsburg could hardly contain themselves{}Saturday morning. They've never been more excited to see fire trucks and police units with sirens blaring.

It's an annual Christmas toy delivery in Kingsburg that kids get so excited to see. Police and firefighters are responsible for rounding up 600 toys. Every kid gets a gift. Susanne Martinez tried to guess what she got, "It feels like{}I don't know like a Barbie or something."

Police and fire fighters reached out to numerous businesses in Fresno and Tulare counties to make Christmas memorable in their community. Terri is a single mother, "It's very exciting. {} You know{}I cry. My kids deserve it. I'm a single mom, so anything that's thrown my way I'm in line for it."

Kids also got to spend time with Santa sporting a yellow raincoat. The smiles were from ear to ear."I don't have time or money to take them to get pictures with Santa so having him, you know, at the front door it's great. It saves me some time and it makes them happy and that's all that matters," said Savannah Greene who took pictures of her children with Santa.

The toy giveaway is an annual event in Kingsburg and Police Chief Jeff Dunn enjoys it just as much as the kids, "When we made that first stop and you see the bright eyes and big smiles and grins on those kids faces when they came running out into the front yards it was all worth it."

Several families also got to put presents under a Christmas tree. A local nursery donated a dozen trees.