Kings River Off Limits To Boats & Jet Skies in Tulare County

The Kings River is off limits for recreation due to Valley Drought 2014, that's the word from Tulare County Parks and Recreation officials. Travis Sandoval is a worker at Bullfrogs Grill along the Kings River. He says, "No water equals no camper's and no camper's equals slow business." He says this year's drought has hit the area hard. A lack of snow fall as caused the section of the Kings River looks more like a scenic desert than a river. Isabel Hoffman is visiting the area from Hemet, California. She says, "So we stopped here for one night, and they tell me there is beautiful lake right here and we get here and I say where is the lake?" Now that Tulare County authorities have closed the Kings River to all recreational purposes, many continue to pray for rain. So how long will the ban on jet skis and boats remain in effect? It's unclear. The Tulare County Park and Rec manager says he will continue to work with the people who continue the amount of water released into the Kings River, but for now all recreation in the river is off limits