Kings County Sheriff's K-9 Retires A Hero

The Kings County Sheriff's department is down one of its finest.

"Rook" the beloved K-9 fell 20-feet from a rooftop trying to catch a fleeing suspect.

It began Monday afternoon when deputies went on the hunt for Anthony Higareda.

A{}man, deputies describe as a usual trouble maker.

"It's been an ongoing problem with this individual harassing people," said Rod Shulman, Kings County Sheriff's Deputy.

Deputies chased Higareda through a Stratford neighborhood; through backyards and over fences.

Higareda finally ran into an old complex, and barricaded himself inside.

To make sure the coast was clear, Deputies sent Rook up a flight of stairs, and into the building. Somehow Rook and the bad guy ended up on the roof.

The suspect{}ran{}up to the roof and Rook chased after him until{}he lost control, couldn't stop, and fell 20-feet to the ground.

"Rook had actually tried to apprehend the guy, and when the guy came around the corner, Rook couldn't slow down enough to stop, and he went over the edge of the building," explained Shulman.

Shulman found his partner limping along on three legs with blood coming out of his mouth.

The heroic move left Rook with a broken leg.

Rook was just three weeks away from retirement, but is now forced to retire early.

"We also know these dogs are tools but to the handler they are like family, they are like your children," admitted Shulman.

And though he is now limping, deputies said that in their eyes, the legacy of this heroic canine will always stand straight and tall.

"He was doing what he was good at, doing what loved to do ... trying to apprehend the bad guy," said Dave Putnam, Assistant Chief.