Kim Accepts Kopi's Ice Water Challenge

Kim Stephens took a dip in a barrel of ice water in response to the "Ice Water Challenge" thrown down by Kopi on Monday.The Ice Water Challenge started on Facebook as a way to get people to support charities.Over the weekend, viewer TJ Buttle challenged Great Day to take the challenge and Kopi graciously accepted, allowing a bucket of ice water to be dumped over his head while on the air.Great Day went one stuff further, contributing $100 to TJ's charity, team "Fight Like a Girl" for Hanford's Relay for Life.? Kopi then challenged Kim and Justin to take the challenge for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.When Kim got home on Monday, she and her family all took part in the challenge and she also gave Kopi a check for his charity.Now we're waiting to see what Justin will do... Stay tuned!Click here to watch Kopi's challenge.