Kids Hurt When Big Rig Hits School Bus in Fresno County

The California Highway Patrol is still investigating a crash that sent dozens of kids to valley hospitals, along with the drivers of the school bus and big rig.The accident happed Monday afternoon near the intersection of Elm and Central in Fresno County.Little Eli Dominguez who was riding on the Orange Center school bus says he's just thankful to his bus driver who kept them all safe."Most of the kids were crying, and then our bus driver was bleeding down his arms. But he made sure all the kids were okay. Then we jumped out the windows and there was guys helping us out," Dominguez said.Investigators say the driver of the big rig was traveling west on Central, stopped at the intersection of Central and Elm.But officers say he then drove right into the path of a school bus filled with 35 to 40 kids.The crash sent the big rig onto its side.Investigator say the driver of the big rig told them he thought the school bus had a stop sign, but they did not."A wreck like that you don't know what to expect. We live right down the street they were close to being home. I just got scared, thankful they are going to be okay," said Rosio Gonzalez.Crews set up an emergency triage center on the side of the road.However some 20 kids were transported to local hospitals across the valley.The big rig was carrying some 3,000 gallons of diesel, very flammable and dangerous.As firefighters stood by the diesel was unloaded.As for the kids and drivers, all are expected to make a full recovery.