Kids Go on Paintball Shooting Spree; People and Cars Hit

Police are looking for a couple of guys, who have been driving around Fresno, shooting paint balls at random people and cars.

At least six separate calls were made Wednesday to the Fresno police and sheriff's departments about paintball shootings around town - one girl was shot in the arm while walking home from school, and at least two others were nearly hit.

Police say their targets were random people or cars in their path.

"It sounded like gunshots. {}We just hit the ground," said Gabriel Padilla.

He and two other men were painting a building near Shields and Thorne when they were shot at.

"We hear a bunch of noise and hit the ground, bunch of paintballs coming at us, by the time we got up they were already down the street," said Padilla.

Tom Sharp, the owner of Maximum Paintball Supply, says paintball pellets can travel as fast as 200 miles an hour. {}Getting shot by a pellet can't kill you, but if you get hit somewhere like in your eye, it can do some serious damage.

"It can be anything from completely painless or sting pretty good. The average hit is like when you're in school and flick each other with rubber bands," said Sharp.

He says paintball is generally a safe sport but in this case, the gun is in the wrong hands.

"A couple of punks who don't know what they're doing, and don't care about others, obviously," said Sharp.

Police say all of the targets had the same description of the paintball shooters: {}They were driving a newer model, silver compact car.

They're described as two boys, one with blond spiky hair.

Anyone with information about the paintball shooters is asked to call Crimestoppers at 498-STOP.