Kicked Out Of Their Homes - Fresno Inn Residents Have To Move Out

People who live at the Fresno Inn say they are getting kicked out of their homes and forced onto the streets. They say it's because the motel is being torn down to make way for high speed rail.

Fresno Inn residents just received the eviction notice a few days ago. It says they're getting evicted on Monday and the water and power will be shut off. The notice has people upset, because they say they have no where to go.

"Nobody's been served a 30-day notice; nobody's been served a 60-day notice," says Robert Fowler.

Robert Fowler says he's sick of not knowing if he'll have a roof over his head. He's on oxygen, in wheelchair and says the entire situation is stressing him out.

"The extra stress is something I have to deal with daily," says Fowler, "I'm on the oxygen a lot more than I was before."

Earlier this month KMPH spoke with Fowler and his neighbors about receiving a 3-day eviction notice with misspelled words and no move out date. Since then Fowler's tried to find another place to live, but he hasn't had much luck.

Fowler says, "We can't find a place suitable in Fresno to meet our needs."

All of Fowler's neighbors are struggling to find new homes. Many of them can't afford the rent anywhere else.

"We're on fixed incomes," says John Laranjo, "I'm on disability and most of these people are on disability."

People who live at the Fresno Inn say the manager of the motel is Bill Leyton. KPMH spoke with Leyton and he said that he is not allowed to comment about what is going on at the Fresno Inn, because his attorney's told him he's not allowed to.

People living in the motel say this situation will reach a boiling point on Sunday, because they're not leaving.

"Now, it's a stand off and as far as I'm concerned I'll fight it," says Laranjo.

Laranjo also told KMPH Fresno Inn residents are working with an attorney and housing advocacy group. They say their lawyer has filed papers to stop the eviction process.