Kerman Illegal Pet Store In Garage Shut Down

A pet store{}operating illegally in Kerman was shut down Wednesday by Liberty Animal Control of Fresno County.{} Miguel Animal Sales has been operating out of his garage for months.{} But Kerman Police and Liberty Animal Control shut it down because it{}feared more than 100 animals could die due to triple digit heat in the{}Valley and because the garage has no air conditioning.{} Animal{}control hauled out cockatiels, finch and love birds along with a few dozen rabbits.{} Liberty Animal Control President Dan Bailey gave the owner Jose Miguel Rodriguez two choices, give up the animals or face charges.{} "Seems to be selling at the swap{}meets and stuff like that which is illegal to be selling animals at a swap meet."Rodriguez also had several turtles which are illegal to sell if the shell is less than four inches in diameter.{} A building{}inspector for the City of Kerman said he is also in violation of numerous city codes by having so many animals on his property.{} The only pets that died in the garage were a few fish and a scorpion.{}{}With temperatures climbing to triple digits in the Valley, more animals could have died.{} That's why animal control carried out Wednesday's surprise inspection.More than 100{}animals are now up for adoption at Liberty Animal Control of Fresno County.{}{}