Kennel-mate Acts Like Guide Dog To Nearly Blind Dog

A love story is evolving at the Valley Animal Center in Fresno.{} Dallas a cattle dog mix that is nearly blind while Lilly is his seeing eyed sidekick.{}{}The playful pair has been a fixture at the{}Fresno shelter{}for the past four months.

The most amazing thing about their friendship, Lilly for reasons unknown took on duties as a guide dog for Dallas.{}{}Rosie Davenport is community relations coordinator for the Valley Animal Center. "When we first got him in he stuck by his little guide dog Lilly like glue. He would stick his head on her rump and use her to guide him."

Both Dallas and Lilly were being held at a local animal control shelter and are lucky to be alive. "We went in and pulled them kind as a sympathy case. We didn't think they had much longer to live there. We wanted to make sure that these special dogs got a second chance."

Davenport says Dallas isn't fully blind. He has some depth perception and uses his nose to guide him along.{} But without Lilly by his side he tends to run into things.{} "We get animals in pairs sometimes and they develop this strange bond but I've never seen another dog act as a seeing-eye dog for another dog."

The two share a kennel at the{}shelter.{} When it comes to adoption Dallas and Lilly will go as a team.{}So far there has been zero interest.{}