Judge Rules On California High Speed Rail

{}The plan to bring high speed rail to California hit a major set back Monday. A Sacramento County judge decided the California High Speed Rail Authority needs to fix how it plans to spend tax payer money to pay for the project.

Construction on high speed rail was on track in the Central Valley. Work was supposed to begin in 2014 and a company was picked to help build it.

However, all that could come to screeching halt, because of a judge's decision on 2 separate lawsuits. The first ruling says that the California High Speed Rail Authority cannot sell $8-million in bonds that voters approved back in 2008. The judge also decided high speed rail must re-do its $68-million funding plan. {}Both rulings mean the project might be delayed by months or years.

The Sacramento County judge also decided on 2 other lawsuits Monday. He denied a request to stop the project and construction that's already been approved. Those rulings mean work on high speed rail in the Valley can move forward.