Jobs! Thousands Of Valley Locals Apply In Person

Thousands of Valley residents, looking for a job, are hoping to get a call back tonight.

That's after dropping off their resumes at a big job fair in Fresno.

They marched in Wednesday morning as early as 10:00 a.m.

Candidates looking for office work, some who say they are sales-savvy but mostly, the room was filled with people who simply need work.

"I have been looking for work for a year two, and I am just continuing the search, trying not to get discouraged," said, Kristen McIlhargey.

It was a chance to try out for 2,500 open jobs, meet face to face, turn in resumes and make a first impression.

"I am 55 years old and there really isn't a lot of work for older people," said job seeker, Uly Long.

The annual Fresno County job fair served as a mecca of opportunity.

It was a chance to learn, up front, what some companies are looking for.

"Show up to work, have a good attitude, work fast, work hard," said Rodney Walker, of "Sierra Food," a Valley business.

But the question is how do you get the first interview?

"I think there is some basic stuff that people forget having enough resumes, making sure that the proper information is on the resume, getting an email address and having an appropriate email address. Sometimes "fuzzyslipperbunny" is not going to get you a job," said Sharron Sentman of "Aflac" insurance.

If you really want to jump off the page, Sentman says to keep it professional.

"Look your best and when you get up, put on your make-up, do your hair, wear clothing that is appropriate ... you're going to shine," said Sentman.

Some people left with more information, some left with business cards, while others left with a promise of an interview.

"I just feel that if I don't give up, and keep believing and having faith and putting myself out there, something good will come of it," said McIlhargey.

Companies like "Aflac" say the best way to follow up on a job is to send in an email; letting the hiring manager know you are serious.