Promising Jobs Report for 2014 - Where The Jobs Are

2013 ended with unemployment at it's lowest level in five years and this year, employers are hoping the economy continues to grow in 2014.

Careerbuilder put out a 2014 jobs forecast, indicating the trends we might see in the coming year.

According to the report, opportunities for "stem" jobs Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are expected to continue to grow.

We could also see more companies "on-shoring" jobs.

Up to 26 percent of companies say they plan to bring some offshore jobs back to the United States, thanks to government supported initiatives.

However, according to the report it's likely that uncertainties surrounding the debt ceiling will mean that full-time and permanent hiring will stay slow .

More companies will instead likely rely on part-time, temporary and contract hiring.

But here is some good news: companies are putting more emphasis on training and development, even paying for current employees to go back to school, instead of waiting to hire candidates with skill levels that are in short supply.