Job In Jeopardy For Merced Man Who Had His Truck Stolen

A 25-year-old pickup with rust spots and no rear bumper, may sound like an old clunker to many.{} But for{}Jeff Selnick of{}Merced he needs the pickup to keep his two jobs.{}

Sadly, it was stolen a week ago.{}

"They took my way to earn a living. {} They don't know that for the little bit of money or a joy ride they're having, they totally devastated me. {} But they don't care who they hurt or how they hurt them financially or personally."

Jeff Selnick is in a fix and he's praying for a miracle to get his pickup back.{} Last Sunday he took his daughter to Fresno's Fashion Fair to shop for shoes.{} When they returned to the parking lot an hour later, it was gone.{} "I felt violated. {} Anyone will tell you when they're robbed at home, they car robbed or taken you feel violated."

Amy Selnick's 16th birthday cake was in the pickup when it was stolen.{}{}"It just makes me angry that they're taking, it may only be fifty dollars, 100 dollar for them but they just took someone's whole life. {} That's not okay. {} They took his jobs and they could be taking his home because he's not going to be able to pay for it."

For the past week Jeff Selnick has been riding his bike to{} work. {} But both of his employers require vehicles and his working days could be numbered.{} "So I'm a little worried now that without the vehicle how long I'm gonna be able to keep the jobs. {} I've gotta hustle and get something."

Selnick is a religious man who prays{}daily that the thief will have a change of heart and bring{}the pickup back to Fashion Fair.{}