Is The Crisis In Syria A Sign Of The Apocalypse?

{}Is the crisis in Syria a sign that it's the end of the world? Some people believe it is, so we asked a Fresno State Professor if that's a possibility.

Dr. Sergio La Porta teaches an apocalyptic literature class at Fresno State and he also taught the class in Israel. He says people turn to the Bible in times of crisis, because it gives them a sense of order. La Porta adds reading the Book of Revelations can bring people comfort.

"When people feel that there is sort of a change in the dynamics of the world they tend to look for rationales and one place that people can look are biblical prophecies."

La Porta also says we shouldn't read too much into what's going on in Syria right now.

"Probably at one time they'll get it right, the end of the world will happen eventually," says La Porta, "We'll see what happens then, but for the moment I think we're okay."

De Porta says historically there are several other time periods that have had similar situations to our current one and all of them are similar to readings in the Bible.