Is A Missing Rapist Hiding in Mexico? Parents' Home Searched

Spencer Scarber

Did a missing rapist's parents help hide him in Mexico? That's what investigators are trying to figure out.

20-year-old Spencer Scarber went missing in the middle of his rape trial last week.

Wednesday, Fresno County sheriff's deputies served a search warrant at his parents' home in Squaw Valley. Scarber's father is the assistant chief with the CHP Central Division office in the Valley.

Prosecutors say, the latest information in this case points to family members crossing into Mexico the same morning Scarber failed to show up to testify in his rape trial.

His attorney says the last time he talked to Scarber, was Tuesday, December 11th - that was the last time he was in court for his trial.

He was supposed to testify in his defense the next day.

"We were fighting for his life.{} That's basically what he was looking at. But no indication whatsoever something like this would happen," said Antonio Alvarez, Scarber's attorney. He says he hasn't heard from his client in over a week.

Prosecutors say Scarber's mother's car crossed into Mexico around 3:30 in the morning, on December 12th. A little more than an hour later, prosecutors say Scarber's mother and sister walked across the border into the U.S. using their passports. Later that same morning, Scarber did not show up to court. Spencer Scarber was issued a passport in October of this year.

His attorney points out, foul play has not been ruled out. "I don't think that's been ruled out based on some of the things they found at the residence. The broken crutches, the blood on the roadway," said Alvarez.

Since he's been missing, a jury convicted Spencer Scarber of rape, robbery, and burglary. The 20-year-old fugitive is now facing 70 years to life in prison.

If you have any information on where Spencer Scarber is, you can call the Fresno County Sheriff's office at (559) 488-3111.