Brides In A Panic: Popular Hanford Hall Closes

The past 36 hours have been a nightmare for a Hanford couple getting hitched{}on Saturday.{}{}The historic venue where they planned to get married is now out of business.

The Irwin Street Inn is a Hanford landmark and popular place to get married in town. {} But earlier this week the historic inn closed its doors for good with little notice.

Cynthia Bauer-Seffing has been working on her son Justin's wedding for sometime.{} Saturday Justin will marry his high school sweetheart Tanya.{} But Thursday their wedding plans were turned upside down.{}{}"Just panicking, worried about where were gonna fit 150-200 people. {} It's not been easy. {} At least 50 phone calls. {} My son panicking."

Justin and Tanya planned to have an outdoor wedding under the sprawling trees at the Irwin Street Inn.{} But the eviction notice went up on Wednesday and brides and grooms to be are scrambling to find a new place.

Justin and Tanya are now getting married indoors at La Fiesta's banquet room.{}{}"It's not what we wanted but we'll make the best of it. {} It'll be nice."

Locals like Hope Williams can't believe that a Hanford landmark is now just a memory.{}{}"It's a historic aspect of Hanford. {} It's just a shame that it's gone out of business yet again."

Over the years the Irwin Street Inn has created numerous heart warming wedding memories but in the past two days it's been panic and heartache.{}{}