iPhone For $79? Walmart To Offer Discounted 5c

Want an iPhone but don't want to shell out the $299 or more for the latest and greatest model?{} Welcome to the scaled-down iPhone 5c, and its $79 price tag at Walmart.

According to a story on, Walmart will sell the 16gb version of the 5c for that $79 price, as long as you are willing to take on a two-year contract with a service provider.

If you{}don't want the contract, you can get the 5c for $549 at Walmart.

Walmart will start accepting preorders at those prices starting tomorrow (Friday, September 13).

Walmart will also sell the fully-loaded 16gb 5s for $189, but you'll have to wait until September 20 to get in on that deal.

Apple lists the price of the 5c 16gb version at $99 with a two-year agreement, and at $199 for the 32gb model.{} To get that price you also have to agree to a two-year service agreement.

There are some big differences between the 5c and 5s.{} The 5s has the new touch ID system that identifies the owner's{}fingerprint as a security measure.{} The 5c doesn't have that.{} The 5s has a camera that will shoot 720p HD at a fast enough frame rate that users can create slow-motion footage, something the 5c does not have.{} Another big difference is the housing.{} The 5c is made of plastic, the 5s out of aluminum.{} The 5c is a little taller, wider, and heavier than the 5s.{} The reason this is a big deal is the cases you currently own for your iPhone 5 probably won't fit the 5c.{} The 5s has a slightly faster processor.{} Experts{}say you won't notice much difference right now, but that the 5c processor may not be fast enough to handle some of the new apps that are coming that will work well on the 5s.

You can also buy a 64gb version of the 5s, while the largest storage{}on the 5c is 32gb.

But none of those differences will matter to you if you're simply getting the 5c because you've always wanted an iPhone but didn't think you could afford one.{} Apple and Walmart are counting on you changing your mind with{}that $79 price tag.{}

One more thing:{} before you buy it's a good idea to shop around for who will give you the most for your old iPhone or other Smartphone.{} Some retailers are offering{}$150 and more,{}while a customer at GameStop was recently able to get more than that on an iPhone 4s trade, but GameStop offered only in-store credit, not cash.{} There are lots of deals out there, and it pays to compare.