Inmate Severely Injured During Escape Attempt


An inmate of the Mariposa County Jail attempted to escape at the Courthouse Thursday morning and he severely injured himself in the process, according to reports from KMPH news partners the Mariposa Gazette.

Jerry Richards, 59, of Mariposa, had made an appearance in court on drug charges. As he and five other inmates were being escorted out of the courthouse, Richards busted through the glass of the upstairs doors on the backside of the building.

According to Mariposa County Sheriff Doug Binnewies, Richards got out of the control of the two officers and attempted to jump off the small balcony. The jailers were able to stop him before he jumped, but not before he suffered lacerations to his upper torso that were severe enough to require helicopter transportation to a valley hospital.

For more information as the story develops, visit the Mariposa Gazette website.