Injuries, Citations Issued Around Fresno County On Fourth Of July

Firefighters around Fresno County were kept busy Thursday night, having responded to nearly 200 calls of fireworks-related incidents.

In addition to the 200 calls, the Central Valley Fireworks Task Force said it issued 11 citations, including a felony.

One person lost a thumb and another suffered burns to the face from using illegal fireworks, firefighters said. as

"The people that sustained those injuries -- those devastating results that we wish didn't have to happen -- hose are accidental and they were preventable," said Ryan Michael's with Cal Fire.

Fires are reported on the fourth of July, more than any other day in the year.

Fireworks are involved in two out of five of those fires, more than any other cause.

Nearly 30 people were hurt at a Simi Valley fireworks show Thursday night when a platform the fireworks were on tipped over two minutes into the show.

All of the remaining fireworks exploded at the same time at ground level.

Many of those hurt were hit by flying debris.

Out of state, illegal fireworks caused a huge fire at a dry boat storage area near Seattle, Wash. The fire caused more than $1 million worth of damage.