Incredible Fire Video Caught on Firefighter's Helmet Cam

"I can remember people kind of screaming, yelling things at me as I walked up," Fresno City Engineer Adam Enns said.

Enns didn't know what he was going into when he walked into a burning apartment complex in southeast Fresno Monday.

So he turned on his helmet camera and captured what he saw.

"There was fire blowing out the door and the windows, filling up the breezeway, you could see it in through the breezeway," Enns said. "It's not like the movies. You don't go into a fire and it's not clear and you see a little bit of fire. It's not like that. You can tell when you go inside that usually it's like you're driving in zero fog. You can't see. You're usually bumping into furniture and different equipment."

It's a rarely seen first-hand look of what firefighters are really up against.

Enns bought the camera to catch the often adrenaline-inducing moments of his job.

But it's also turned in to a training tool.

"That's the first thing we usually do when we come back to the station, pop it in. And we'll look at it as a crew. And somebody will always say, oh I shouldn't have done that or the captain will ask, what could I have done better?" Enns said.

And it's caught the attention of department officials, who are now looking at starting a pilot program with these cameras to use them for training department-wide.

"If we can do our job better and we can do it safer and we can do it in a safer manner for the public, then that just makes us a better fire department," Enns said.