Illegal Dumping - Fresno Neighborhood Is Filled With Trash

A Fresno neighborhood says it's literally turned into a trash dump. People who live in the area say everyday people drop off trash in front of their homes and businesses.

Dealing with trash being dumped in the front of his towing business has been a constant battle for Brandon Herring.

"I have to employ people and pay them to clear out an area so we can get out of the gate sometimes," says Brandon Herring with 'Sierra Towing.'

He says there have been dead animals, a dead body and all sorts of dangerous things dumped in the Southeast Fresno neighborhood.

"It's frustrating," adds Herring, "I pay the city to pick up the trash that I put neatly in my bin and everyone else feels like they can toss it wherever they want. We literally get household trash put on the street which is nasty."

Gloria Lopez loves where she lives but she says the trash is just too much to deal with.

"It's very disgusting, even standing near it is disgusting me," says Gloria Lopez who lives in the neighborhood.

People who live and work in the neighborhood say the city regularly pick up all the garbage. However, they say all it takes for the pile of trash to reappear is for someone to dump something like a couch.

"It makes me very angry because this is a nice neighborhood. These are people who are proud of their homes. There's no reason why people should come out here and throw trash and ruin their neighborhood," says Fresno City Council Member Clint Olivier.

Olivier adds the city spends money to constantly clean-up the garbage. He says signs don't help and even if people see Police they just wait until officers leave to dump their stuff.

"Unfortunately it's hard to keep our head above water with so many people dumping illegally," adds Olivier.

People want a solution and they're hoping to find one soon before something bad happens.

"I don't know what the answer is unfortunately. Maybe giving them free access to the dump, give them a place to bring the stuff, I don't know," says Herring.

If people get caught illegally dumping trash they'll get a $500 ticket. If there is trash dumped in your neighborhood call the Fresno Police Department at 559-621-7000.