Identity Theft Top 5 Named In Fresno County

The Fresno Police Department is cracking down on identity theft and released a list of the top 5 people suspected in Fresno County.It's a tough job, posing as someone else, but according to the Fresno Police Department, these five are some of the best at it.#1 Joshua Moynier#2 Bobbie Jo Heiss#3 Vickie Luera#4 Regina Carrilloi#5 Natalie RagsdalePolice believe all five are committing identity theft in the city, county, or both at this time.If you have any information on where they are, you are encouraged to call Fresno police, or you can do so anonymously by calling Crime Stoppers at 559-498-STOP.Crooks don't even need to break into your home to gain access to your personal information.According to the U.S. Department of Justice website, here are the top ways crooks are committing I.D. theft.#1 Shoulder Surfing:{} Shoulder surfing is when someone tries to peek over your shoulder in an attempt to see your personal information. This can happen at the bank or even at the grocery store.#2 Dumpster Diving: This is when crooks go through your trash to looking for documents and bills with your personal information.#3 Pre-approved Credit Cards: Officials recommend shredding the cards and the approval information before tossing it away.#4 The Internet: Try to avoid clicking on spam sites or using unsecured wireless internet. Never buy from a site you don't know or trust.