Identity Theft Ring Busted, Deputies Arrest 3 People

Fresno County Sheriff Deputies take down a suspected identity theft ring in a county island of northeast Fresno. Deputies say they were lead to a room inside a Fresno motel, by an alert Fresno woman. Deputies say the woman saw the three suspected crooks burglarizing a home in the area, and then followed their car back to the motel. Deputies knocked on the door of the motel room. Inside the room deputies say they found evidence, including personal files linking the two men and woman to the recent burglary. A search of the car the people were using lead deputies to believe they were involved in identity theft and burglary. A man named Don living in the neighborhood says, "Even when you think you live in a good neighborhood. It's only 20 minutes for them to do their shopping. You got to look out for your neighbors." Fresno County Deputy Sgt. Greg Collins says, "If we had more good Samaritans like this, it would help us solve a lot of these neighborhood issues, kudos for them." Deputies say these crook go after your identity and leave you footing the bills. Detectives are now checking if the suspected crooks are related to other identity theft cases in the area. If so, more charges could be filed.