Hurricane Sandy: Valley Residents Worried About Relatives

Hurricane Sandy has a lot of people watching her as she made landfall, including several here in the valley.

Hanford residents, Araceli and Marisela Hernandez are worried about their sister Laura, her husband and their newborn baby.

The family is riding out the storm in their Lexington Park Maryland home.

They had planned to visit their sister this week, but at the last minute they decided not to chance it.

Araceli Hernandez says, "We just keep watching hoping for the best that it doesn't get too bad. They are worried about rain and flood and damages."

Marisela Hernandez says, "That's what is more worrisome is that she has a newborn baby and with everything going on over there it's a little scary. But the good thing is her neighbor has a basement so if anything happens she could just go there."

Thankfully they were able to get a hold of their sister by phone, and she's safe.

But they know others won't be as lucky.

Until the hurricane is over, they will continue to follow the latest on television.