Hurricane Sandy: Death, Destruction And Lots Of Debris

As daylight broke Tuesday morning, the scale of Superstorm Sandy's devastation became heartbreakingly clear.

The entire Eastern Region, nearly half the states in the country, was affected in some way by the hurricane.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christi says, "The level of devastation at the Jersey Shore is unthinkable."

The familiar Atlantic City Boardwalk in shambles, much of it washed away.

Entire neighborhoods under feet of water, as search and rescue crews door to door scooping up stranded residents by boats and heavy duty trucks, and crews working around the clock to clear away debris fields that's more than 7 feet high in some places.

Governor Christie says, "Given the nature of the winds and rain, I expected it to be bad, but nobody expected it to be that bad. Homes are ripped from their foundation and left in the middle of the highway."

On New York City's Staten Island, a huge tanker came crashing ashore.

There was also extensive damage and flooding in Maryland where dozens more needed to be rescued.

By daybreak, hundreds more in New Jersey had to be evacuated after a levy was breached.

And problems continue to multiply, two to three feet of snow in West Virginia, Ohio and other states.

Also untreated sewage is spilling into floodwaters in Howard County, Maryland, and waves rising along Lake Michigan.

Craig Fugate with FEMA says, "This is not over. We still have more weather to deal with. Hopefully people will be able to stay safe until we can get to the other side of the storm."