Hurricane Sandy Affects Valley Travelers

As Easterners continue to watch the path of Hurricane Sandy closely, so are many here in the valley, such as tourist agents.

Many have clients heading into the direct path of the storm.

Denise Donathan, Owner of Winsome Travel says, "The ships that are going to in port, that should have sailed tomorrow or Tuesday. They are keeping them in port and they are not going to sail till Sunday."

Travel agent says many of the cruise ships are already planning new itineraries.

Donathan says, "Be flexible, some people get irate if they miss a port on their cruise, but it's what happens if you travel."

So what's the best way to protect yourself? Travel agents say buy travelers insurance, for just a few hundred bucks you can protect yourself against a natural disaster like a hurricane. Here's how it works, travelers insurance usually depends on where you are headed, the total cost of your trip and your age.

For example, for a traveler 40 years old, going on a trip that costs $2,500 in the U.S. expect to pay from $95 to $170 for coverage that would include trip cancellations, medical care, and rental car collision.

Donathan says right now, several clients who were stuck in Jamaica because of the hurricane and all the damage it caused, are now making their way back to the valley, and are forced to shell out big bucks on flights.

Donathan says, "They had to actually buy new tickets on Delta to fly to Atlanta, and then overnight in Atlanta and then fly to Los Angeles today."

Thankfully a lot of those tourists did have travelers insurance, so they will put in a claim when they get back into town.

If you are headed to the area, agents say always call the airline or cruise ship to find out the latest changes.