First Snow Sighting Of The Season In Huntington Lake

It's the fist snow sighting of the season.

Four inches of powdery white snow cover Huntington Lake like an icy blanket.

"Its white, looks like Christmas already. It's a great excitement to see snow already" said Karin Farley who works at the Lakeshore resort.

Farley adds that when she woke up this morning she never expected to see her sleepy town covered in white.

A beautiful sight and a sign of good news for local business owners who say they are gearing up for the busy winter season ahead.

"When it happens like this, it's just telling us to get your stuff ready!" said Steven Sherry, owner of the Lakeshore resort.

Sherry says the snow is a cool relief for the slower summer season and recent fires.

The extra precipitation also spells good news for the valley water supply.

But with sunny rays slowly creeping in and possible warmer days on the horizon; this frosty first sighting could be just a glimpse of days to come.