Hundreds Of Dead Fish Floating In Local Canal

Hundreds of dead fish coat the surface of a canal just off Highway 41 near Stratford.KMPH Fox 26 news reporter Ellina Abovian went digging for answers and explains why the fish suddenly turned up dead.What was once considered a place for people to go fishing now looks like a scene from a horror movie, with hundreds of dead carp and catfish floating in a canal.The disturbing view was first caught on camera by South Valley fisherman, Chango Thao."Never seen anything like this before ... all dead everywhere," said Thao.Thao says he showed up for a day of fishing but found that all the fish were already dead. "Have been dead for a while man. This is bad," said Thao.It looks bad and smells even worse, and it makes you wonder what could be in this water that would kill all these fish.But according to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, it's the lack of water. "The cause is the low dissolved oxygen and high water temperatures caused by the low flows in the river due to the dry year. No foul play involved in his one yet. Dissolved oxygen is the amount of O2 gas that's in suspension in the water. That is what fish breathe through their gills. Higher water temps also increase fish metabolism which just compounds the issue," said wildlife biologist, Dan Fidler.Normally the canal would have a lot more water, but with no real rain since December 7th, the water level is low and stagnant, causing the water to heat-up and the oxygen level to drop, essentially suffocating the fish.Earlier this month, 100,000 trout, bass, and catfish were found dead in a Nevada marina.That was also due to a drop in the water's oxygen level.