Humble Hero Pulls Driver From Watery Grave

{}{}{} A very close call at a north valley apartment complex Wednesday{} morning.

{}{}{} A Merced woman lost control of her car, landed in a pool, then couldn't get out as it sank.

{}{}{} Fortunately, a man who saw the whole thing sprang into action and may have made all the difference.{} It was a sight even a seasoned tow truck driver says he was not prepared for.

{}{} "Seen them in canals," said tow truck operator David Reeves. {}"Seen them in Bear Creek. {}First time in 11 years I've actually seen one in a pool."

{}{} But, what Reeves didn't see is the life and death drama that played out in minutes before he ever got there.

{}{} It started, police say, when Pamela Gwyn of Merced was driving down a street, but for some reason could not make the turn in the cul-de-sac.

{}{}{} "She was going probably about 40 miles an hour when she hit that curb," said witness Craig LeFleur.

{} {}{}{}Gywn bounced right over it sending her Chevy Blazer across the grass, right through the fence in front of the Granville Luxury Apartments, and right into the apartment's pool where it slowly began to fill with water with Gwyn still inside.

{}{}{} That's when LeFleur say's, he had to act.

{}{}{}{} "She was alert but I kept telling her to unlock her door and her door wasn't unlocked so I tried to kick the window but it wouldn't break."

{}{}{}{} With time running out, LeFleur says, he quickly looked around the pool.

{}{}{}{}{}"So I picked up one of the pool chairs and{} had to bust out the back window."

{}{}{} Finally enabling him to pull Gwyn out of the sinking car.

{}{}{} The actions of a hero?

{}{}{}{} "No, I don't feel like a hero," LeFleur shrugged.{} "I feel like anybody would have done it if they had seen what happened."

{}{}{}{}{} But others, like David Reeves, don't see it that way at all.

{}{}{}{}{} "It was amazing. Honestly, if he didn't do what he did, risk his life for hers, she probably wouldn't be here today."

{}{}{}{}{} EMT's checked out the driver at the scene but she declined any additional medical help.{} There were no other injuries.