How You Can Help Hendrix Battle Leukemia

A two-year-old Fresno boy who loves to strum the guitar with his Grandpa needs your help. Hendrix Wille was recently diagnosed with an aggressive{}type of Leukemia. It's a long shot but maybe you could be his match as a bone marrow donor.

Hendrix{}is a handsome, hazel eyed two-and-a-half-year-old boy who looks healthy but is in the fight of his young life. When he was first diagnosed five weeks ago, he thought his Mom Rose was the patient. "We were out walking and stuff and he saw the helicopters. And{}I said oh were gonna go home and he said oh Mommie you're better. We're gonna go home like he thought{}I was the one sick."

Hendrix has just finished his first round of chemotherapy. Possibly in a week he'll get to play cars at home instead of Children's Hospital in Madera County. But he still has two rounds of Chemo to go.{}

Rose who is a doctor and her husband Art know their son is in good hands. "The care that we've received here at the hospital has been really second to none. {}nd we've been blown away by the care we've gotten from the staff and the doctors here."

Art and Rose say Hendrix is so peppy because he recently received a transfusion of blood which recharges his batteries. New blood comes every week, blood platelets every three to four days. The need for blood, platelets and bone marrow never ends.

"Becoming a bone marrow donor on the registry helps all the kids like Hendrix and all the kids in the Valley that also have the same type of illness," said{}Rose Wille.

On Monday, May 7th, law enforcement will hold a blood drive called the Battle of The Badges. Hendrix{}is the poster boy for the event. "If Hendrix can help other kids then that's all for the good. We're very happy for him to be the face of this effort."

There are three Central California Blood Center locations in Fresno. The Jenny Eller Donor Center at 4343 West Herndon, the North Fresno Donor center at 1010 E. Perrin and the Fresno Donor Center at 3445 North First Street.

Then on May 17th, the County Counsel's Office will hold a blood and bone marrow registry drive at the Downtown Fresno County Ballroom. The hours are from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m.{}Hendrix's Dad Art is an attorney in the County Counsel's Office. {}{}