How To Save Money When Flying

Extra fees - could be one of the worst things about flying.

Just when you think you've found a good deal they add $20 here, $50 there.

Those fees add up to a big profit for airlines.

Last year, airlines pocketed $6 Billion on extra fees.

But there are some ways you can avoid paying more money at the ticket counter.

First, be smart about bag fees. Know your bag fee rules as they vary among airlines.

For example, standard fees depend on when you pay, whether that's at the time of booking, check-in, or at the gate.

You can also avoid some baggage fees by using airline-affiliated credit cards or frequent flier programs.

Next, be flexible with your seat selection.

Everyone wants to sit with the person they're are traveling with. But airlines know this too, and some are starting to charge if you ask for a seat change. Some fees go as high as $80.

Also, try to book online. Many carriers charge extra to make a reservation over the phone.

It can cost anywhere from $10 to $25.

Finally, set your schedule in stone. This can be a challenge, but one of the larger airlines charges change fees which could cost you anywhere from $30 to $200 to change your itinerary.