How To Not Work While On Vacation

A lot of people take advantage of Memorial Day weekend to take a nice long break from the office, but it can be hard for some to cut the cord and break away from work.

According to the career website Glassdoor, 61% of employees admit to working while on vacation.

If you have trouble taking time off here are some tips:

First Develop a realistic plan and decide what your limits are. Decide how many times you are going to check your e-mail, or your work phone, and stick to that plan.

Next Only check - in during off hours. Experts advise that if you don't want to get coaxed into lengthy email exchanges with co-workers, it's best to only email during after-work hours. This will help you to avoid feeling guilty about not checking responses every few minutes.

Finally Experts say to never start anything new while on vacation. No new projects, no new ideas, basically just say no to most things. You can start those when you get back.