How To Find A Water Leak In Your Home

Now that an official drought declaration is in effect from Governor Brown, we are all asked to conserve water.

One way is to make sure we don't have any leaks.

Here's how you check.

In most systems, your water meter is under a rectangular concrete cover in front of your home. If you want to monitor your daily water use, or at least find out if you have a leak, you can do that. All you have to do is simply learn how to read your meter.

One suggestion is to shut off all the water in your house, take the meter lid off, and look at your meter. If it's spinning while the water is off, that means you have a leak.

Many meters have a big dial and a numerical display like an odometer.One dial rotation is about seven-and-a-half gallons. Put a toothpick or a pin and line up right where that dial is. Come back 10 minutes later and see if it's moved. If it's moved, you probably have a leak.

Some meters also have a little triangle. That triangle is specifically there to help you know if there's a leak. It will be spinning if there's any flow going through that meter. It's specifically designed to show low flows.

The most likely leaks: a drippy faucet or a toilet which can easily be checked by dye tablets. Drop them in the toilet tank, wait about 15 minutes and see if the water in the bowl changes color.

In almost all cases, the flapper valve that allows water to flow from the tank into the bowl needs replacement which is a minor repair.