How To Beat Breast Cancer

Two new studies are out about breast cancer - both showing hope in lowering a woman's chance of getting the disease and how to help her beat it.

First off, quit smoking.

A new study is linking breast cancer with smoking. Researchers studied young women smokers, ages 20 to 44. These women had been smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for a decade or more.

According to the study, their risk of breast cancer was about 60 -percent higher than women who didn't smoke.

Researchers say these women smokers were at risk of estrogen receptor positive breast cancer, the most common, less aggressive form of the disease.

Now, if you are diagnosed with breast cancer, a new study shows running can help you beat it.

Exercise has long been credited with both lowering the risk of breast cancer and surviving the disease. This new study, however, showed breast cancer survivors who run have an even greater survival edge than those who walk.

Researchers found the longer the women ran, the higher their chances of surviving breast cancer.

Study authors can't explain the link between vigorous exercise and survival rate, but they urge further research into that area.