How Much Will It Cost To Replace Everything In A Stolen Purse?

{}How much would it cost to replace everything in your purse if it was stolen? It would cost thousands of dollars and your identity would be at risk.

Think of what's in your purse and how it holds some your most important items. One of the things that you hold near and dear is your wallet. Inside your wallet is your Drivers License, credit cards, debit cards and checkbook.

Replacing the cards is free, but it takes a lot of time and patience to report the cards stolen and get new ones mailed to you. Your checkbook has your bank account number, so you have to get a new account, which means more time and patience. Replacing your drivers' license will cost you $26, but the information on it is priceless.

The most expensive thing in your purse is your phone. The majority of people carry 2 phones, 1 for work and the other for work. Replacing smart phones can set you back as much as $849.

Your car keys are also expensive to replace. Since most keys have a chip in them it will cost around $150-dollars. Replacing the locks at your home can range anywhere between $157 to $283-dollars.

You'll also have to replace your sunglasses, make-up, and other miscellaneous items in your purse. All those items add up to around $213.

If you add everything up it would cost around $1718 to replace everything that was stolen. However, that's not taking into account whatever else the thieves might try to do with your identity from what they found in your purse.