How Many Calories Do We Eat At Super Bowl Parties? A Lot

Did you know Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest food consumption day? It's right behind Thanksgiving Day. With so many fatty foods served at Super Bowl parties we decided to see how many calories we're actually eating.

The KMPH Fox 26 menu has wings, chips and dip, pepperoni pizza, nachos, cookies, soda and beer. It seems innocent enough, but when we break it down, it's not so good.

Eating 6 chicken wings is 420-calories and 18-grams of fat. A serving of potato chips is 155-calories and has 10.6-grams of fat. An average serving of French onion dip to go with those chips is 150-calories and 12.5-grams of fat.

After you're done with your appetizers eating 2 slices of pepperoni pizza is 440-calories and 10-grams of fat. You might want to avoid nachos with beef, beans and cheese. It comes in at a whooping 787-calories and 46.28 grams of fat.

If you need a fourth quarter snack eating 2 chocolate chip cookies really makes the calories add up. Those two cookies have 138-calories and 7.2-grams of fat.

Don't forget about the drinks. Having 3 cans of beer adds up to 462-calories and drinking 2 cans of soda is 280-calories.

When you add all of it up you will eat 2,832-calories and 104.58-grams of fat. Significantly more than the 2,000-calorie diet and 44 to 78-grams of fat we're supposed to have each day.

When you're eating on Sunday here's another thing to think about. You would have to run forty five football fields to work off just two handfuls of potato chips.

There are some things you can do to have a healthier Super Bowl party. Nutritionists recommend that you put the food in a different room, serve vegetables, such as carrots, broccoli or celery as options, and offer low calorie dips like hummus or salsas.