Some Healthy Foods Can Be Bad For You

Too much of certain kinds of healthy foods can actually be bad for you. It doesn't mean you should stop eating them, but you should watch how much you're eating.

Take tomatoes and oranges, for example. Too much of these can lead to reflux. Experts recommend having no more than two servings per day.

Canned tuna is another one. It's an easy-to-prep low cal meal, but too much can lead to dangerous mercury levels in your body. That can lead to vision problems, impaired hearing and speech, and lack of coordination

You can have too much water. The condition is called "water intoxication." It happens when extreme water intake dilutes the sodium in the body. It can lead to impaired brain function and sometimes death.

Too much soy can lead to iron deficiency. Eating large amounts over a long period of time could even lead to uterine cancer.

Eating too much spinach could lead to kidney stones.

And did you know? Brazil Nuts can lead to hair loss, and brittleness or loss of nails.