House Fire Heroics: Firefighters Save Three Cats' Lives!

A Fresno County neighborhood is hailing the heroic efforts of firefighters who came to the rescue of several cats.

The frightened felines were inside a home that caught fire Saturday afternoon.

KMPH News was first on the scene of the mobile home fire, near Armstrong and Nees avenues, just outside of Clovis.

Two cats died in the fire, but three others were saved.

"I just looked over and I saw a cat body, and he was stroking the cat and it came back to life. It wasn't responding for a while, but it came back, he saved it, " said Ryan Toto, who witnessed firefighters working.

Firefighters say no one was inside the home when the fire broke out, and they didn't hesitate to save the pets.

"Cats are part of people's families, they're no different than you or I," said Chris Bump, who works for Cal Fire. "Our first priority is the safety of residents . . . but as soon as firefighters have the ability to render aid to animals, we are absolutely going to do that."

Bobbi Anderson, who lives in the mobile home that caught fire, said he was fortunate that three of the cats were saved.

"All the effort they put into it, I'm very fortunate they saved a few of them. {}But I lost my little granddaughter's kitty, and that hurts me very much," Anderson said.

While Bobbi and her family are mourning the loss of two cats, three others, Catalina, Nike and Cutie, all have Cal Fire to thank, for saving their tails.

"I feel like he deserves some respect, because he just brought back a cat and not many people can do that," Toto said.

Firefighters say it looks like the fire started in the kitchen of the home, but the cause is still under investigation.