Hottest US City Is Fresno, Says NOAA

So, you think it's been hotter than, well, blazes in Fresno? {}According to the NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) you are right!

NOAA says Fresno was the country's warmest city from January through July of 2013. {}Sacramento was the only other California city that cracked the national top ten.

Now, before you say "well, there are cities in Arizona and California that have higher temperatures", know that you'd be correct in saying that. {}But the ranking comes from how government records figure such things.

NOAA reports that Fresno's average July temperature (which averages the day's highs and lows) was up more than three degrees from average. {}That's a bigger rise than other city in the country and is why Fresno earned its "warmest city" average.

Fresno records have been kept for 66 years and this, according to NOAA, is the warmest year on record for the city so far.

You can check out the entire NOAA report here: