Hospital In Mexico Demands Thousands of Dollars To Treat Injured California Man

Imagine going on a fun, relaxing vacation in Cabo San Lucas when all of a sudden you're trapped in a nightmare. It's happening to a South Valley couple from Bakersfield after a horrible zip lining accident. The family says in order for Brian Hodges to receive care they've paid the hospital in Mexico more than $50,000.

While on a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Brian Hodges, his wife Shimeaka, and their friends decided to go zip lining.

"We went through seven of the eight zip lines and the last one was about a half mile long," says Hodges friend Calvin Black.

However, the activity at 'Wild Canyon Adventures" ended up changing their lives.

"He was traveling under the bride and he turned sideways," adds Calvin Black, "He was looking away from the mountains and then he slammed 37 miles an hour into the mountain. I cringed because it whipped him around the other way and then he went limp."

Hodges wife Shimeaka also saw the accident happen.

"Shimeaka is praying and praying and I'm screaming to him, 'Come on buddy, say something, wake up," says Calvin Black.

A piece of Hodges skull needed to be removed due to brain swelling and bleeding, he also has a broken neck and ribs.

"It's extremely serious, he's currently in a medically induced coma," says family friend Enjoli Black.

Since Hodges medical insurance doesn't cover international injuries, the hospital told the family they wouldn't operate or care for Hodges unless they paid $50,000 up front. His wife paid the bill using her credit card. However, the hospital just told her they need another $28,000.

"They can't do anything but sit in that room for at minimum the next three weeks," says Enjoli Black.

Friends of the Hodges have set up a 'Go Fund Me' account so you can donate to help pay for his care.