Horse Loose In Southeast Fresno

It was a happy reunion Tuesday afternoon for Snowflake, a local show horse, and her owner Bill.

The miniature horse ran away from home Monday afternoon and took off running.

The neighbors saw the galloping horse and alerted Bill.

Bill, dressed in his usual Elvis attire, and nearly 20 other people were on the chase.

"So, then there was a squad of cars that followed him and I lost him," Bill said. "They were honking [saying] 'he's this way, he's that way.'"

They chased Snowflake through streets and fields; outsmarted and outran every step of the way.

Snowflake finally slowed down in front of a home on corner of Temperance and Church avenues.

Bill caught up with Snowflake and is thrilled to have her back home. They are back to their life as usual; walking and running errands around town.