Horrific Case Of Puppy Abuse In Fresno?

An investigation is underway after witnesses say a woman was caught performing surgery on a dog inside a motel room in West Central Fresno.

The Central California SPCA on Thursday received calls from guests at a motel along Golden State near McKinley regarding a woman performing a tracheotomy on a puppy that was reportedly not breathing.

Animal control officers with the SPCA arrived and found the injured puppy in bad need of medical attention.

Officers said they confiscated seven other dogs, and an SPCA spokesperson at that time expected all the animals to survive.

However, on Friday that statement changed after KMPH inquired about the puppies' current condition. The SPCA spokesperson said two of the dogs died from probable heat exposure in the room and one had to be put down because both of its rear legs were broken.

It's not known what charges, if any, will be filed against the woman.

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